China: marketing to the soon-to-be largest ecommerce market

This past week I attended The China Gap: The China Social & Digital Marketing Summit. It was an eye-opener on how to sell your products or services through China’s digital channels, the psychology of Chinese consumers, the importance of brand over product, the city tier system, what Chinese consumers expect your website’s user experience to be, and Baidu’s extensive number of content.

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Bridging the gap to marketing to the China market

For any one interested in doing business in China, there is what looks like a fantastic event on this week in Sydney which I have been invited to attend: The China Digital Marketing & Social Media Summit organized by The China Gap. With China looking to grow domestic consumption, there is no better time to do business in China and market to.

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A.I. – The Future of Big Data

More and more, artificial intelligence (A.I.) keeps creeping up in numerous digital areas I research or am involved in. At first, it was disguised as Predictive Analysis – an emerging trend in contextualisation – but recently the cover is off and many of the big digital players such as Facebook and Google are open to discussing their investments in A.I. to further.

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What will Apple announce on September 10th?

Apple’s stock is likely to suffer if its event tomorrow  (September 10th) isn’t spectacular. In light of Samsung’s unveiling of Samsung Gear (we even have a price for it now) and their continued products that are now looking as good as Apple’s, Apple is in serious need to impress. Alas, from leaked photos of an iPhone 5s box (yes, we seem to.

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“Digital is the ability to enable a distributed business model in order to deliver a contextually relevant experience to your customers.”


Max has successfully founded and grown digital companies from scratch to millions in revenue and consulted to major global clients including The Blackstone Group. He has raised capital for early stage companies, authored published articles on digital strategies and digital evolution, and advised leadership teams of major enterprises including The GPT Group, The Bluestar Group, ANZ Wealth, The Hollywood Reporter, Hertz, and The Fairmont Hotels & Resorts.

With two decade’s experience working with brands & companies across multiple industries in the USA, Europe, Hong Kong and Australia, Max realised a market need for a new breed of digital consultancy: one that transforms businesses into sustainable and profitable digital companies instead of singularly focusing on one off campaigns.

As a digital native Max began coding at the age of 6 and started his career in 1996 as an award-winning website designer & developer. Today, he is an accomplished and sought-after innovation & digital strategy leader, contributor, speaker, and customer experience & business design consultant.



As a digital native and with a thirst for technology that improves & changes peoples lives, Max is also the co-founder of a very exciting new and one of Australia’s leading wearable technology companies: Lifeable.


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